Professor Rosana G. Moreira


I hope you will enjoy and learn something when surfing on my site. I am a professor who teaches and investigates in the area of food engineering at the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University.

My research topics include engineering aspects of foods and food processes; fundamental modeling: dehydration, frying, extrusion, food irradiation; process control techniques as applied to food processing systems: food extrusion processes, continuous fryers, and continuous flow grains dyers; deep-fat frying: modeling, oil absorption mechanisms, vacuum frying, acrylamide; impingement drying; food safety: food irradiation and biosensor technology.

I teach courses in (1) Unit Operations of Food Processing; (2) Advances in Food Engineering (Food Irradiation); and (3) Heat and Mass Transfer in Biological Systems

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Welcome to my site

I am interested in the use of ionizing radiation to kill pathogens in fresh produces and in vacuum frying of fruits and vegetables - top image (E.coli in the stomate of a lettuce leaf); bottom image (vacuum fried sweet potato chips)

For contact:


  2. 979-847-8794

  3. Scoates Hall, 310 - Texas A&M University - College Station - TX - 77843-2117